Sinéad Keaskin, is a fully qualified and registered dance teacher of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, holding CDE’s in Imperial Classical Ballet, Modern Theatre, Tap and National Dance. She has further qualifications with the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (L.A.M.D.A), and holds an Honours degree in Psychology and an MA in Professional Practise in Dance Technique Pedagogy- with Distinction from Middlesex University, London.

Sinéad started her dance training at the age 3 yrs with the Annette Hynes school of Classical Ballet and Modern Theatre Dance, where she reached the standard of Intermediate Ballet and Intermediate Modern. At the age of 17 years, Sinéad was invited to attend The Deborah Capon College of Dance in Kent, England, where she still has strong ties. There, she began her studies in Tap and National dance, as well as in Drama and Theatre Studies. On graduating from The Deborah Capon College in 1997 , Sinéad had attained her advanced dance exams, A levels in Theatre Studies and Expressive Arts, her professional teaching qualifications in Classical Ballet, Modern Theatre, Tap and National dance and Medals and Associates in drama. She has since gone on to further her professional qualifications, and updated them to CDE status.

Sinéad started her professional career in London and has performed both nationally and internationally. As well as working as a professional dancer and soloist, Sinéad has choreographed for many schools, companies and societies since 1997.

On returning home Sinéad taught in many schools both in Dublin and around Ireland. She has been teaching in Kilkenny since 1999 and took over The Kilkenny Academy of Dance in 2001, whilst simultaneously working with Annette Hynes, Bray VEC and continuing to perform nationally. In 2006, she became principal of Annette's school, now The Bray School of Dance. She believes that Ireland has an abundance of talent and ability, but that it is essential that children and students are taught properly by qualified teachers for this talent to be truly realized.

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